High blood pressure Causes

A basic understanding of your blood pressure range is important for everyone to lead a healthy life.This article will give you a basic understanding of high blood pressure(HBP) and high blood pressure causes. We cover the following topics in this post,

What is High Blood Pressure?
What happens in high blood pressure?
What is normal blood pressure?
How to diagnose the high blood pressure?
High blood pressure causes

High blood pressure

Do you know what high blood pressure is? It is hypertension. High blood pressure is called as the silent killer because its signs and symptoms appear lately and sometimes without patients pass away because they did not come to know about this health disorder.

What is high blood pressure?

It is a condition in which the blood flows with a more than normal pressure and it is obvious that any deviation from the normal rate of blood pressure can be fatal to life.

There is a close connection between the blood and heart.

The heart pumps the blood and blood flow to all parts of the body, even to each cell and tissue. So when in the case of high blood pressure, heart suffers due to more and voluminous pumping.

What happens in high blood pressure?

High blood pressure requires more effort from the heart to pump it and heart fulfills this requirement of the blood.

When blood pressure increases for a long time, the heart fails to pump it and as a result, death occurs because when blood does not reach to all cells, tissues, and organs of the body, these bodily parts become dead and we call it as death occurs.

High blood pressure sometimes leads to stroke and heart attack.

It happens when the high blood pressure is long term and old and when the pumping ability of the heart diminishes the heart fails to pump the blood.The lack of blood in the body organs leads to the death of the organs and overall death of the individual within seconds.

What is normal blood pressure?

Normal blood pressure refers to the state when the flow of the blood is normal and heart faces no discomfort while pumping the blood.

There are so many factors that cause high blood pressure. When the blood pressure will be perfect the health status will be normal otherwise the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure prevail.

If the pressure of your blood is 140/90 mm Hg, then you are a victim of this silent killer. Normal blood pressure can be checked by using the instrument.

Blood pressure Range

Perfect/Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg.

High blood pressure stage 1 number range is 140-159/90-99 mm Hg. The BP range above 160 and above 100 mm Hg.

But if the age is above 50 then the range of high blood pressure stage starts from 150/90 mm Hg.

Now you may get confused that why there are two blood pressures like one is 140 and second is 90. Let me guide you about this.

There are two blood pressures one id systolic blood pressure and another is diastolic blood pressure.

Any fluctuation from the normal range of the blood pressure can be fatal.

Systolic blood pressure

It is the pressure of the blood from the lower region of the body towards the heart. Its normal range is 80.

Diastolic blood pressure

It is the pressure of the blood from the heart to all upper and lower parts of the body. The normal range of this blood pressure is 120 mm Hg.

How to diagnose the high blood pressure

To control the high blood pressure without any medication requires the abrupt diagnosis, but abrupt diagnosis rarely takes place because people in their busy lifestyle do not pay attention to minute signs.

If the high blood pressure becomes an old or long term, it becomes tough to control it and in this case, both dietary precautions and medication are required. If a person gets diagnosed just at the start of the high blood pressure he or she can be treated just by dietary precaution and without any medication.

High Blood Pressure Causes

There are so many reasons of high blood pressure. Few common causes of high blood pressure are mentioned here

1. Increased body weight
The number one factor or cause of high blood pressure is the increased body weight. The storage of extra fat in the adipose tissue increases the blood pressure. When the adipose tissues become overloaded with fat, then remaining fat start circulation in the blood and the volume of the blood deviates from the normal and as already mentioned any deviation from the normal in not good for overall health. When the fat content of the blood rises, the heart has to work hard to pump the fatty blood.

2. High sodium intake
High intake of salt (sodium) in the diet is another reason of high blood pressure. High sodium content in the blood makes it harder for the heart to normally pump the blood and also for the blood to normally flow in the body. Other than dietary salt, sodium is also present in fried foods and cooking ghee. It, therefore, less intake of the sodium is recommended to the people who have high blood pressure.

3. Less physical activity
Less physical activity is another reason for high blood pressure. Lack of physical activity causes the blood pressure to rise. When there will be no physical activity the blood veins, arteries and muscles will be less active and all these three organs play a vital role in maintaining the blood pressure.

4. Age
Age is also associated with high blood pressure. When an individual gets older, his physical activity decreases and unhealthy lifestyle lead to high blood pressure. It has been seen that people who are above 60 are at more risk of high blood pressure, this is because they have an unhealthy lifestyle. By unhealthy lifestyle, it is meant that due to the use of medications and lack of appetite can raise the blood pressure.

5. Genetics
Genetics and family history is also associated with high blood pressure. Parents who have high blood pressure, the chances of high blood pressure on their children are more than others.

6. Smoking
Another cause of the high blood pressure is the smoking and drug intake. Smoking and drug intake for a continuous long period develop into the high blood pressure. Consumption of alcohol is also associated with high blood pressure.

This article covered what is normal blood pressure range, what is high blood pressure, how to diagnose the high blood pressure, what are high blood pressure causes when to worry about blood pressure.

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