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How to Take CBD Oil Tincture

Research has claimed that adults can endure a huge variety of CBD oil tincture doses without significant side effects beyond tiredness. Each type of CBD and method of consumption has its benefits.

In terms of consuming CBD oil, here are the major methods:

Smoking or Vaping

Vaping CBD oil is one of the fastest ways to feel its effects. The reason is that inhaling the substance allows it to go straight into the lungs and bloodstream.  Inhaling CBD oil can be done by smoking CBD oil concentrates using an oil rig which is similar to a water pipe or rolling a joint out of high CBD marijuana. Another way to inhale the oil is by vaping it using a vaporizer pen. Those who are new to vaping can get started with a vape starter kit. Vaping is a preferred option as it yields the maximum result without the harsh feel of smoke in the throat and lungs.

Topical Applications

CBD oil can be placed on the skin in the form of a balm or ointment. This method does not require the use of special tools or knowledge. You just need to determine the dosage you want and apply the product to your skin. Topical CBD oil is best for sore muscles, skin conditions such as acne, and migraines. But, although the effects of this method kick in quickly, they do not last for long.

Under the Tongue

CBD oil tinctures can be available in small bottles that look like eye drops. These products can be taken sublingually or under the tongue. Just apply a few drops under the tongue and hold it in the mouth for 60 seconds and swallow.


CBD oil can be added to food. Unlike THC edibles that are famous for being too potent for some people, CBD edibles like gummy bears or candies will not cause any type of psychoactive effects. Apart from buying pre-made CBD-infused foods, you can make your own CBD edibles like CBD-infused cookies, butter, or even pasta. It is just important to know how much oil to use. Also, be careful about the amount to consume. Effects from CBD edibles can take up to four hours to kick in, thus, people usually eat too much. Just wait a few hours and see how you feel before you eat more.

Dosages for CBD oil are difficult to calculate, especially if it is your first time. But, the amount of CBD oil to take depends on your weight, oil strength, and the reasons you are taking it.

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