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Know The Use Of Different Hormone Replacement Therapies For Men

Not only women, few men also suffer with hormone imbalance problems. In general, the hormone levels in men decreases when they become older. In men, a hormone called testosterone is essential for various activities including reproduction, sexual development, and muscle growth. It also helps to maintain good amount of blood cells as well as bone density.

If a man produces low level of this hormone, then it is called as hypogonadism. In this condition, he will not be able to produce a sperm.

One of the ways to overcome this problem is hormone therapy. Advanced bioidentical hormone therapy provides high- standard hormone therapy for the patients as per their needs and requirements. For treatment, one can reach the clinic at Austin, Bryan/College Station or Houston.

This therapy helps to reduce the hormone levels of both dihydrotestosterone and testosterone (together called as androgens) present in the body. By this, the growth of the prostate cancer will be reduced. It is a very common type of cancer that occurs in the prostate gland.

A patient can undergo this therapy at different stages including:

When the cancer cells present in the body are over spread and no chance for radiation therapy or surgery.

When the cancer cells develops again even after the radiation or surgery.

If a patient is facing severe cancer symptoms, then he can take it along with the radiation therapy.

Kinds of hormone therapies

These days various kinds of hormone therapies are available to treat the prostate cancer in a patient.

Orchiectomy – It is a simple and less expensive procedure. A doctor removes the testicles, which produces androgen. This helps to shrink the cancer cells for sometime.

Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) agonists – It decreases the testosterone level produced by the testicles. The treatment will be given once in a month to a year.

LHRH antagonist – It decreases the testosterone levels very quickly compared to LHRH agonists. It is given as an injection to the skin.

Abiraterone – In this, androgen making enzyme CYP17 will be blocked. It is preferred by patients in advanced state.

They are available in different forms like gel, injections, tablets etc. Using of these therapies may lead to some side effects including impotence, Osteoporosis, weight gain, absence of sexual desire etc.

When a body is not reacting to any other treatments, then hormone replacement therapy is helpful. Still, studies are going on to know up to what extent hormone therapies are useful for the people.

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