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Types of Drug Rehab Programs for Teens

There are multiple rehab programs designed for addiction treatment in adolescence and adults. Each center has is a unique treatment style and attributes. Fortunately, you get plenty of help but to determine the ideal program for your teenager is challenging.

Before you start a search for the ideal treatment center

It is wise to determine if your teen is struggling with drug dependence or abuse is only experimental. There is a vast difference between drug experimenting and substance addiction.

Teens are exploring their new independence level in high school. Their newly discovered activities may include driving lessons, staying late as well as drug experimenting. The temptation towards forbidden illegal drugs is just curiosity for the teens, which does not make them addicted. Treatment is only necessary if your child has drug dependence and not if they tried alcohol or drugs a couple of times.

Addiction signs

  • Changes in their physical appearance
  • Stealing or borrowing money
  • Excessive secrecy
  • Appetite change
  • Change in sleep habits
  • A sudden drop in academic performance
  • Spending time with unusual friends
  • Drug paraphernalia is seen in their bedroom
  • Wearing long-sleeved shirts in the hot climate

Drug rehab programs for teens

There is an outpatient and residential treatment center in MN. The key difference between both residential and outpatient program is staying full time at the facility or visiting treatment sessions. The therapist may be the same but the treatment procedures may differ. It will be determined on several factors like kind of drug abuse, years of dependence, intense addiction, etc.

Inpatient rehab

Residential treatment programs involve full-time care. It is very helpful when the teen has to undergo a detox procedure before the therapy starts. The doctors are available 24/7 to offer medical help in case of intense withdrawal issues. Moreover, the teens are kept away from triggers and peers that had caused them to choose drugs as self-medication.

The teen may feel as if they are punished or their parents don’t want them anymore. The majority of residential centers allow parents to visit and involve in family therapy sessions. Parents need to reassure their children that they will never stop loving them and this is a medical help and not any kind of punishment.

Outpatient rehab

During the day, the teens need to visit the clinic. They will have to participate in group or individual therapy designed for teens. Families or parents are also invited for counseling. Outpatient is for those teens whose addiction is less severe and the risk of relapse is very low or who has concluded an inpatient program.

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