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Useful Information on Varicose Veins and The Available Treatment Options

Varicose veins are the twisted, bulged and sometimes painful veins that are present in arms and legs. It is often left untreated as they don’t affect the person’s health other than looking unpleasant. Hence, there are not many people complaining about varicose veins.

The causes leading to varicose veins –

  • Weak valves – Sometimes due to few reasons the valves of veins get damaged, blocked or stop functioning rightly leading to the formation of varicose veins. The veins in legs are the most affected as they are unable to transfer the blood to the heart. Thus, there is formation of blood clots making the veins bulge, twist and stretch.
  • Pregnancy – It is one of the basic risks as during pregnancy the blood flow is more and fast. The change in blood flow is good for the fetus however sometimes it results in enlargement in veins of the legs.
  • Hormonal changes – Women are mostly experiencing the ill effects of varicose veins. Largely because of pregnancy and menopause there are constant hormonal changes occurring in their body. Even the birth control consumed can aid in relaxing the vein walls leading blood flow to be uneven.
  • Hereditary – Inherited genes are also the cause and thus as you grow old there are chances of you being troubled by varicose veins. Women especially acquire it from their mothers and feel the veins twisted when they move on to middle age.
  • Obesity – Yes, a lot of pressure on your legs as it carries your excess weight, thus leading to expansion of vein walls.
  • Working position – Long hours of sitting or standing mostly the whole day will make the veins remain stretched.

Presence of varicose veins leading to grave health issues:

  • Phlebitis – The inflammation of the veins leads to pain. The veins become hard and start bulging more.
  • Thrombosis – It is clotting of blood in veins, while it looks quite ugly and painful, it is best to get treatment.
  • Bleeds – When the veins burst you can see bleeding reduces.

In short you may not need immediate treatment for varicose veins however it will be best to be safe from other health complications caused by varicose veins. To know more about effective treatment log on to the website of You get all information about the right kind of treatment to wade off varicose veins forever.

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