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Wait No More! Get That Dental Implant Done!

Wait no more to fix your issue of a broken tooth. You don’t have to get embarrassed for your broken or lost tooth anymore. It was not even your fault. So why suffer for it? Get a dental implant done and enjoy a whole bunch of benefits much more than just having a bright beautiful smile.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are little titanium roots that are fixed to your upper or lower jaw and they act as the dental roots for the artificial tooth to sit on them. The metal titanium used for this is the best fit for this purpose because it’s discovered to go well with the human body, besides being light and durable.

The implant is actually a screw that’s inserted into the jaw and then it has two more parts that are capped on these metal screws. They look very natural and fit beautifully in your mouth.

Alternatives to dental implants

As an alternative method of treatment for the complete loss of teeth, there are solutions like the removable dentures. These removable dentures are definitely a lot cheaper, quicker and simpler. However, the dental implants have a higher rate of success as they have numerous advantages over the removable dentures.

Advantage of getting a dental implant over removable braces

  • More comfortable
  • Even the loss of one tooth or fewer teeth be fixed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Better tasting food as the removable braces covers the entire jaw
  • Aesthetics
  • Better speech
  • More durable and long-lasting
  • Doesn’t damage the bone it sits on
  • Better health and better nutrition too
  • Avoids adjacent tooth from shifting to the hollow of the missing tooth.

How a dental implant is done?

Like any medical field, the dental treatment process has also advanced quite a lot with time. The use of computers and software ensure that the implant is done with high precession so that it’s not a very laborious and tiresome treatment process if the usual discomfort and mild pain of dental treatments be excused.

If you choose to replace just a decaying tooth or use implants for one of your missing teeth, or be it the whole of a jaw or fewer teeth that need dental implants, Casion Dental can help you. Their staffs are professional and empathetic. Make sure to talk to them and fix your appointment. That flashing smile of yours should always be on!

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