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Ways to Choose the Best Marijuana Strain for You

The ideal way to grow or breed hybrid strains can be determined on the basis of what the grower and breeder wishes to achieve. Recreational marijuana will need an opposite buzz from using marijuana for medicinal reasons.

  1. Have sativa dominant hybrids when you want to increase your energy levels

The sativa dominant marijuana strains have natural high levels of THC in it. This very cannabinoid is deemed a primary psychoactive component in the cannabis plants. The sativa dominant hybrid cannabis is ideal for boosting the energy levels for parties and social gatherings. But there are cases where the THC levels are too high that it may make you paranoid, anxious, and other serious side effects.

  1. Have Indica-Dominant Hybrids for relaxation

These strains cause a sleepy sensation and encourage relaxation. The Indica dominant strain is an effective option curing sleep apnea and insomnia. Cannabis degeneration builds a CBN or cannabinol end product so one way to increase the relaxation properties of marijuana is to leave it in the sun to dry up.

  1. For relieving the pain, you need to take high CBD strains.

THC also has pain relieving properties, but people use CBD infused products more than THC because many people are sensitive to the latter. This relieves you from pain with no high feeling that comes from using high THC content cannabis. When choosing hybrid strain for relieving pan, then go with the balanced THC and CBD levels. CBD also helps in relieving you from a number of diseases.

How to use Hybrid Marijuana products?

  1. Vaporization

This is always a healthier alternative than smoking cigarettes and it also relieves you faster.

  1. Tinctures

This is also a better alternative for those who hate smoking or vaping. Marijuana is now also available in liquid forms that can be added to food or beverages.

  1. Topical

Topical cannabis products don’t have any psychoactive features and can be applied to the skin for treating pain or inflammation.

  1. Sprays

The liquid cannabis products can also be applied under the tongue for faster results.

  1. Edibles

Edibles are cannabis products that may take a lot of hours for someone to experience the effects. There are a lot of cannabis edibles in Phoenix available nowadays.

  1. Capsules

If you want to use cannabis that looks like medicine, then try cannabis capsules.

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